Useful Links to Patient Support Websites

ESMO works in partnership with many patient and professional organisations to provide cancer patients with a wide spectrum of information about their disease.

Below, you will find a series of useful links to international and European organisations, as well as other sources of cancer-specific information. Links to patient organisations at the country level, can be accessed from the websites of European or International umbrella organisations. Please contact us if you would like to propose a new link to add to the list below, or if you would like to request permission create a link to the ESMO website.

International Organisations

  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Advocates Network
    Worldwide network of non-profit organisations supporting patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) and their relatives, by sharing knowledge and best practice, supporting campaigns, and educating advocates how to build and grow patient groups
  • Global Colon Cancer Association
    Global Colon Cancer Association has three core values based on sharing, learning and growing. The GCCA's mission is to unite the world in the battle against colorectal cancer by creating a global colon cancer community to ensure increased awareness of the disease, earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment options
  • Global Lung Cancer Coalition
    GLCC is the international 'voice' of lung cancer patients. Established in 2001, GLCC comprises 28 patient organisations worldwide and is committed to improving disease outcomes for all lung cancer patients through public policy advocacy and empowering lung cancer patients to take an active role in their own care.
  • International Brain Tumor Alliance
    Alliance of support, advocacy and information groups for brain tumour patients and careers in different countries and also includes researchers, scientists, clinicians and allied health professionals who work in the area of brain tumours
  • Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
    Carries out unique research into the early detection of lung cancer; provides practical and emotional support and guidance; ad campaigns to increase research funding, awareness and resources for patients and careers
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is part of the World Health Organization. IARC's mission is to coordinate and conduct research on the causes of human cancer, the mechanisms of carcinogenesis, and to develop scientific strategies for cancer prevention and control. The Agency is involved in both epidemiological and laboratory research and disseminates scientific information through publications, meetings, courses, and fellowships.
  • Vital Options International
    Vital Options International is a not-for-profit cancer communications, support, and advocacy organization with a mission, to facilitate a global cancer dialogue


European Organisations

  • Europacolon
    Europacolon is the first European organisation dedicated to colorectal cancer (CRC) and it aims to unite patients, carers, healthcare professionals, politicians, the media and the public in the fight against the disease.
  • European Breast Cancer Coalition - Europa Donna
    EUROPA DONNA (ED), the European Breast Cancer Coalition, is an independent non-profit organisation whose members are affiliated groups from countries throughout Europe. The Coalition works to raise awareness of breast cancer and to mobilise the support of European women in pressing for improved breast cancer education, appropriate screening, optimal treatment and increased funding for research. ED represents the interests of European women regarding breast cancer to local and national authorities as well as to institutions of the EU
  • European Cancer Leagues (ECL)
    ECL is a pan-European umbrella organisation of national and regional cancer leagues. Â For over 30 years, we have been providing a unique and important platform for cancer societies. From Iceland to Turkey, ECL is represented by leagues in the extended Europe. Together, we are "making a Difference in Cancer Prevention and Control!"
  • European CanCer Organisation (ECCO)
    ECCO is a federation of European cancer organisations that upholds the rights of all European cancer patients, promotes interaction in cancer research, treatment and care, and provides a unifying voice of European societies representing professionals in oncology by proactively engaging with policy makers at the EU level
  • European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC)
    The European Cancer Patient Coalition is the voice of the European cancer patient community, uniquely representing the interests of all cancer patient groups from the major to the rarer cancers. It has been established to represent the views of cancer patients in the European healthcare debate and to provide a forum for European cancer patients to exchange information and share best practice experiences
  • European Cervical Cancer Association (ECCA)
    The ECCA is a large network of organisations and individuals from across Europe that have joined forces to prepare and distribute evidence-based information on the causes of cervical cancer and the importance of organised cervical cancer prevention programmes in the prevention of this disease
  • European Prostate Cancer Coalition - Europa Uomo
    Europa Uomo is the European advocacy movement for the fight against prostate cancer. Europa Uomo's objective is to increase awareness on prostate cancer in Europe
  • Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE)
    MPE has been recently launched as an umbrella organisation of European multiple myeloma patient groups, following the merger of European Myeloma Platform and Myeloma Euronet.
    MPE’s vision is to build a network of highly efficient, effective and sustainable myeloma patient organisations across Europe.
  • Sarcoma Patients EuroNet Association (SPAEN)
    SPAEN is the European Network of Sarcoma, GIST and Desmoid Patient Advocacy Groups, seeks to create a better future for patients with rare cancers. Founded in April 2009, SPAEN aims to extend information services, patient support and advocacy to patient organisations for the benefit of sarcoma patients across Europe.
  • Women Against Lung Cancer Europe (WALCE)
    WALCE's primary aim is to make women aware about the significant increase of lung cancer and to disseminate information about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease, focusing on the leading role of women as caregivers. Since its beginnings in 2006, WALCE is involved in advocacy, education and support initiatives for people affected from lung cancer and for their families.


Other Organisations

  • Anticancer Fund
    The Anticancer Fund is a private foundation providing research-based information on cancer therapies and selectively funding the development of promising therapies.
  • Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR)
    ACOR is a unique collection of online communities designed to provide timely and accurate information in a supportive setting
  • Cancer.Net
    Patient Web site of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • CancerHelp UK
    Reliable, easy to understand patient information from Cancer Research - UK
  • CareAcross
    CareAcross provides patients and their caregivers with reliable information from experts, as well as the latest scientific news on cancer. The platform offers a clinical trial finder, a tool to assess genetic risk for breast cancer, and an interactive community for patients to share experiences.
  • CARES Initiative - Care during Chemotherapy and Beyond
    Provides the latest information about chemotherapy to patients and their families, caregivers and friends, by supplementing information learned from your healthcare professional
  • HerAlopecia
    HerAlopecia is dedicated exclusively to the education and support of female hair loss sufferers
    LIVESTRONG fights to improve the lives of people affected with cancer. They provide support to guide people through the cancer experience, bring them together in the fight against cancer, and work for a world in which the fight is no longer necessary
  • Lynns Bowel Cancer Campaign
    Lynn's Bowel Cancer Campaign is a small charity with HUGE dreams - founded by former Watchdog presenter Lynn Faulds Wood, who beat advanced bowel cancer. Lynn has campaigned strenuously over the last fourteen years to raise awareness of this cruel disease and to save lives
  • McMillan Cancer Support UK
    Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer and provides practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care
  • Malignant Mesothelioma Guide (for patients in the US)
    Mesothelioma Guide is your guide to malignant mesothelioma. A comprehensive resource for patients who are suffering from mesothelioma, its mission is to guide mesothelioma patients and their loved ones toward answers, information and healthcare solutions. All information has been thoroughly researched and is meant to provide comfort, understanding and solutions to this rare disease.
  • Oncolink
    Oncolink helps cancer patients, families, health care professionals and the general public get accurate cancer-related information at no charge. It provides comprehensive information about specific types of cancer, updates on cancer treatments and news about research advances. Information is updated daily and provided at various levels, from introductory to in-depth
  • Pancreatic Cancer UK
    A UK Charity fighting pancreatic cancer on all fronts: support, information, campaigning, research. They provide a specialist information and support service for people affected by pancreatic cancer.