Klinik für Tumorbiologie (KTB)

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Jann Arends MD
Address Breisacher Strasse 117
79106 Freiburg


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Klinik fur Tumorbiologie, centre, Freiburg, Germany

Opened in 1993, the Klinik für Tumorbiologie is a unique private-run public hospital including a Department for Medical Oncology and Hematology with 80 beds, a Department for Rehabilitation and Continuing Care with 120 beds and a separate Institute for Basic and Applied Oncology Research. The Nursing Services and Nursing Research Department is centrally coordinated and serves both hospitals; the same applies to the following services and scientific programs: psycho-oncology, pain medicine and palliative care, and nutritional medicine. Since 2007, a distinct Palliative Care Unit(8 beds) has been established for patients of whom the primary goal is to relieve severe physical or psychological distress. This has been evaluated and graduated as an ESMO Designated Centre for of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care.

TheKlinik für Tumorbiologie is committed to a comprehensive and holistic approach, to disease, taking both pathological and salutogenetic aspects into account. It acknowledges that in order to alleviate suffering from life-threatening disease it is necessary to consider somatic, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual influences.

The Center offers a range of outpatient clinics dedicated to different tumor entities, and offers treatment for more than 2000 patients per year, mostly as inpatients. A separately run outpatient care facility (Praxis für Interdisziplinäre Onkologie) is situated in the building.

Since mid 2014, the center provides an additional outpatient programme (Center of Individualized Cancer Therapy) with specificOutpatient Counseling in Pain Medicine and Palliative Careand a special consultation program forCancer Survivors and Patients with Long-Term Toxicities.

Klinik fur Tumorbiologie, centre staff, Freiburg, Germany