Borislav Belev

ESMO National Representative in Croatia

Term 2016 – 2017
Address University Hospital Center Zagreb
Kišpaticeva 12
10 000 Zagreb


Borislav Belev

Dr. Borislav Belev was born in Zagreb, Croatia and studied medicine at the University of Zagreb. He graduated in medicine from the University of Zagreb in 1994 and attended Postgraduate study in Biology (field Biomedicine) at University of Zagreb. His field of interest at that time was breast cancer and basic research on cell culture.

From 1998-2002 Dr. Borislav Belev was trained in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology obtaining a Certification in Internal Medicine in 2002 and in 2005, for Medical Oncology. He made his PHD on molecular and clinical investigation in GIST.

Currently, Dr Belev is a teaching assistant at the Department of Pathophysiology, Medical School of Zagreb, University of Zagreb as well as in the School of Dentistry; University of Zagreb. His main fields of interest are gastrointestinal tumours, GIST, NET and urologic tumours.

Dr. Borislav Belev is a member of several national and international professional memberships, participates in a few clinical studies ongoing.

Finally, Dr Belev has published several original papers and book chapters.