IMPAKT 2017: Abstracts

Abstract submission for the IMPAKT Breast Cancer Conference 2017 is closed

Abstract submission deadline: 1 February 2017, 23:59 hrs Central European Time (CET). Submission by e-mail is not accepted.

Abstract submission categories

  • Detection and diagnosis
  • Early breast cancer systemic therapy
  • Loco-regional therapy
  • Advanced breast cancer systemic therapy
  • Genomics and proteomic analysis of breast cancer
  • Biomarkers in breast cancer (prognostic, predictive and pharmacodynamic)
  • Breast cancer host immune and stromal biology
  • Mechanisms of metastasis
  • Imaging (preclinical and clinical)
  • Preclinical breast cancer biology
  • Breast cancer target identification and validation and preclinical models
  • New drug development
  • Miscellaneous

Please read the IMPAKT 2017 abstract regulations

Presentation and publication of accepted abstracts

The IMPAKT 2017 Scientific Committee will select abstracts for presentation during the conference and determine the format of the presentations from the following possibilities:

  • Best Abstracts Session (Oral presentation) – Oral presentations by authors presenting original data of superior quality, followed by expert discussion and perspectives.
  • Poster – An important method for communicating details of scientific research, posters will be on display for the duration of the conference. A Poster Walk, where participants will have the opportunity to discuss selected posters with both their authors and experts in the field, will be scheduled in the programme.

All accepted abstracts will be published online in the IMPAKT 2017 Abstract Book. 

Publication schedule of accepted abstracts

Abstracts accepted for poster presentation during IMPAKT 2017 will be published online on the ESMO conference platform on Thursday, 27 April 2017.

Abstracts selected for oral presentation and/or for the official IMPAKT Press Programme will be made public at the beginning of the conference.

Travel grants

A restricted number of travel grants to IMPAKT 2017 are available, upon application, to first author (= presenter) of candidates under the age of 40 who submit abstracts considered deserving of recognition. Selection will be made by the IMPAKT 2017 Scientific Committee on a competitive basis from among the accepted abstracts.

To apply for a travel grant, the following documents must be received by the IMPAKT Secretariat c/o the ESMO Congress Department on or before 1 February 2017:

  1. A letter of introduction by the applicant. Please include the following general information:
    • How relevant are the topics presented during this Conference to your current practice and research?
    • Have you attended any event on a similar topic in the last 3 years?
    • How do you believe your attendance at this Conference will help you improve your knowledge in the field and your professional development?
    • How do you consider that the findings published in your abstract make a relevant contribution to the topics presented during this Conference?
    • Have you recently been awarded an ESMO travel grant? If yes, for which event?
  2. A copy of the submitted abstract (the applicant must be the first author and presenter)
  3. A readable photocopy of either identity card or passport
  4. A short curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages).

Documentation must be sent by E-mail to

The IMPAKT 2017 organisers will provide the recipients with a subsidised travel ticket, subsidised accommodation and Conference registration.

Travel grant recipients must submit a report detailing the benefits of participating in IMPAKT 2017 by 13 June 2017.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.