Head of the Medical Department

Publication date: 30 January 2017

Job description

We inform you that the Board of Directors of the Institut Bordet has decided to announce the job opening for the position of a full time Head of the Medical Department.

For over 75 years, the Institut Jules Bordet, a comprehensive cancer center located in Brussels, has been developing and putting into practice, innovative and state-of-the-art strategies for dealing with cancer. The Institute combines 3 essential academic missions : treatment, research and teaching.

The Institut Bordet is a reference centre for cancer research of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Bruxelles and the networks of the Brussels Public Iris Hospitals grouping different general hospitals (Brugmann University Hospital, Saint-Pierre University Hospital, IHS), a hospital specialized in pediatric care (Ukzkf) as well as the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

With its 160 beds entirely devoted to adult cancer treatment, it looks annually after 6.000 hospitalized patients, carries out 80.000 consultations and provides over 12.000 oncological outpatient treatments.

The Medical Service provides individual medical care for oncological patients in a multidisciplinary setting in cooperation with the other specialists of the Institute. In addition it trains medicine students and trainee specialized doctors and maintains an active research agenda in close cooperation with the laboratories for translational research.

It consists of different specialised clinics:

  • Clinic for Medical Oncology, an important clinic pooling the different areas of medical oncology such as gynaecological and mammary, digestive, thoracal, urogenital oncology, skin tumours, bone and fibroid tumours, etc.
  • Clinic of Internal Medicine
  • Oncological Day Hospital
  • Supportive and Palliative Care Unit
  • Clinic for Infectious Diseases
  • Psycho Oncology Clinic

Equipment and some key data:

  • Medical corps consisting of more than 50 physicians (46 FTE) of which 24 medical oncologists or specialists of competent bodies in oncology and 10 physicians–specialists in training
  • Clinical-pharmacological Unit for the use of innovative anticancer therapies (clinical studies)
  • Hospitalisation units counting more than 70 beds
  • Day clinic oncology
  • Supportive and Palliative care Unit
  • Oncogeriatry
  • Bronchial and digestive endoscopy
  • Annual undertaking of more than 50 clinical studies of Phase I, II, III in the area of medical oncology, immunotherapy, antibiotherapy,…
  • Integration of psycho-oncology

Future of the Institute
In 2020 the Institut Bordet will move to the new buildings to join forces with the general academic hospital Erasme and the research laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, on one single campus. The new Institut Jules Bordet will increase its hospitalisation capacity by expanding from 160 to 250 beds. The infrastructure will include an oncological day hospital for 40 patients, 4 units counting 21 beds and a unit for clinical pharmacology with 12 beds restricted to the Department of Medicine.

General and special conditions concerning the appointment

  • In possession of the diploma of Doctor in Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics
  • To be recognised as a specialist in medical oncology for at least 8 years, preferrably in an academic environment, and be aware of the organisational principles of a Cancer Centre
  • To be allowed to practice the healing arts in Belgium
  • To be holder of a doctoral thesis (PhD)
  • An extensive experience in clinical and/or laboratory research
  • The quality and the number of "peer-reviewed" publications in the area of oncology will be considered
  • At least 5 years senior management experience, in particular in oncological services with a track record of responsibilities is an asset
  • To have Belgian nationality or  be a citizen of the European Union
  • To comply with the legal conditions of bilingualism French-Dutch; knowledge of English is also required
  • To enjoy political and citizens’ rights and to have irreproachable conduct
  • To have the physical aptitudes to perform the duties
  • To succeed in the oral selection or recruitment test
  • To prove leadership capabilities, planning and decision, rational and flexible, open to new discoveries and good communicator


  • The Head of the Medical Service works closely with and reports directly to the General Medical Director, with reference to the Faculty of Medicine of the Université Libre de Bruxelles for what regards educational activities.
  • Develops departmental goals and objectives in collaboration with the heads of the Departmental clinics, as well as with those responsible for the medical, nursing, paramedical and administrative departments of the Institute
  • Manages the activities of the Medical Service according to the institutional and governance standards, taking into account the predetermined budget
  • Manages the personnel and the resources of the service in order to obtain the best possible results for the patient and a high efficiency level for the Department
  • In cooperation with the Scientific Director, develops actively the research program of the Department within the research framework of the Institute and promotes the publication of the results
  • Planning of and participation to the training of the medicine students, the physicians in training in medical oncology and in internal medicine, as well as the further training of the personnel, in cooperation with the supervisors and teachers concerned
  • Defines policy for investments in new equipment and techniques, acquisition of supplies and equipment maintenance
  • Communicates and promotes the activities of the Department of Medicine and creates collaborations with the teams of other hospitals and the external physicians
  • Active participation to the preparatory works and the Institute’s move in 2020
  • Reviews departmental performance (patient flow, staff efficiency, overall departmental performance, compliance with the standards, rules and work methods)
  • Guarantees the adherence to the accreditation standards and the legal and regulatory requirements
  • Determines guidelines and procedures for the members of the department
  • Manages the recording of data and statistics according to the administrative and regulation objectives, in cooperation with the management unit of the medical data (data centre)
  • Drafts a yearly activity report of the service and proposes a refocusing
  • Promotes quality improvement, determines and follows quality indicators, guarantees the safety of the patients and the personnel, infection control, follow up of the programmes and activities relating to hazardous substances
  • Takes part in the regular Oncological Multidisciplinary rounds of the Institute and ensures the presence of the medical oncologists of the staff during these Oncological Multidisciplinary rounds according to their expertise
  • Increases patient satisfaction, achieves the clinical objectives and quality standards
  • Without any regard for the benefits for the on call duty and the extraordinary activities which are brought about either by scientific commitments, or by the nursing activities, the maximum of the weekly benefits which can be required from a full time physician runs from Monday morning until Saturday morning. The minimum period of the weekly full time benefits shall be forty-four hours, or eleven half days of four hours.
  • The Physician-Head of Medical Service will have to show leadership and prove that he is capable to make decisions; he will keep special focus on the human resources which will be made available to its department.


L'Institut Jules Bordet
121 boulevard de Waterloo
1000 Brussels

How to apply

Applications must be accompanied by a CV and a covering letter and must be received by the Direction of the Human Resources Department, Institut Jules Bordet, rue Héger-Bordet, 1 - 1000 Brussels or to the General Medical Direction, dominique.devaleriola@bordet.be within the time limit of the call for candidates on March 15, 2017.

Closing deadline

Deadline for applications: 15 March 2017

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