ESMO Press and Media Affairs Committee

The ESMO Press & Media Affairs Committee works to guarantee the correct positioning of ESMO as the voice of medical oncology in the media.

The ESMO Press & Media Affairs Committee is in charge of developing the ESMO media and PR strategy. This is a permanent body of the Society and collaborates closely with the ESMO Executive Board to ensure that the ESMO positions are promptly and correctly spread to the entire oncology community, for the benefit of professionals and patients alike as well as to improve the context for research against cancer.

Activities and responsibilities

  • Creating the internal framework for press activities in line with the Society’s global strategy
  • Providing reliable and independent information and commentary on current medical oncology, cancer and cancer-related issues to allow readers to develop an educated judgement
  • Identifying opportunities and issues where ESMO needs to have its voice widely heard and correctly understood
  • Building a network of Society’s spokespersons and training them to deliver effective messages
  • Developing the content of the ESMO Congress press programme


  • Solange Peters, Switzerland

Committee members

  • Dirk Arnold, Germany
  • Eric van Cutsem, Belgium
  • Evandro de Azambuja, Belgium
  • Floriana Morgillo, Italy
  • Giuseppe Curigliano, Italy
  • Markus Joerger, Switzerland
  • Martin Reck, Germany
  • Stefan Zimmermann, Switzerland

Last update: April 2015