ESMO Consultant in Cancer Management

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) is offering a one-year full-time position from February 2018 - January 2019 for an ESMO Consultant in Cancer Management.

The position requires working for one year at the World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland on joint projects between WHO and ESMO.

The consultant should be a medical oncologist who is an ESMO member in good standing, with experience in public health with a particular emphasis on global oncology. The position requires excellent English communication skills, very good computer skills and Internet search capabilities.

The ESMO consultant will be identified through an open application process conducted by ESMO with input from the WHO.


As an organisation in official relations with the WHO, ESMO is now partnering on three priority work-streams as a follow-up to the  2017 WHO Resolution on Cancer Prevention and Control. 

The ESMO consultant will be focused on the following work-streams:

  • Global report on cancer
  • Health workforce policy dialogue for cancer
  • Cancer prioritisation tool and investment case

Scope of work

Under the supervision of the WHO technical officer:

1.  Assist in the production of the Global Report on Cancer by:

  • Participating in the Technical Working Group and assisting with coordinating feedback from other Technical Working Groups
  • Supporting the Editorial Committee
  • Initiating and facilitating an expert review of the first draft report produced
  • Liaising with WHO Regional Offices and key partners to support planning and hosting of regional consultations for review, and approval of the report

2.  Support the health workforce policy dialogues, in collaboration with Department of Health Workforce, by:

  • Assisting in the development of the pilot tool and policy dialogue workshops in two pilot countries
  • Facilitating stakeholder engagement after initial pilot testing

3.  Assist in development of cancer costing and prioritisation tool and investment case, in collaboration with Department of Health Workforce by:

  • Reviewing of published literature and consolidation of expert input for data elements including treatment impact
  • Working with key stakeholders to consolidate relevant data and models and support the development of an interactive online platform
  • Support the development of investment case report


  1. First draft of Global Report on Cancer with compiled feedback
  2. Deliverables for the second two work-streams to be defined


The ESMO Consultant will receive a forfeit remuneration to cover the consultant’s full expenses (salary, pension, health and other insurance, housing in Geneva, taxes, travel, etc.). The consultant is responsible to abide by all laws and regulations in his/her home country as well as Switzerland and to pay any taxes or fees due regarding the consultancy work and contract. At the end of the consultancy contract, ESMO has no further commitment or financial obligation towards the consultant.

Work permit

ESMO will work with the consultant to obtain the necessary Swiss work permit. However, please note that the work permit is limited to the consultant and not to any members of their family.

To apply, please provide by 10 December 2017 the following documents by email, and in English only, to: Mr. Andrea Abbatelli (, Head of Human Resources, ESMO Head Office, Via Luigi Taddei 4, 6962 Viganello-Lugano:

  • A motivation letter of maximum one page (including notice time for any leave of absence from current position)
  • A CV of maximum one page, including a recent photo, email address, and telephone number
  • A letter of recommendation from the your department head/mentor or supervisor

The ESMO Public Policy Steering Committee in collaboration with the WHO will select the candidate, with notification as soon as possible so that a start date can be agreed.

Publication date: 9 November 2017